Oracle 9iApplication Server (Year 2001-2003)

Yes I know Oracle 9iAS was never the best horse Oracle had. It was primarily an attempt to have a complete iSuites (########add name here) instead of best of breed solution( pioneered by Ray Lane ). Oracle has tried to do some good work by having Orions OC4J for the development of WebForms  and Reports.. and having an EM to manage instances and configuration settings (even in 11i) instead of changing the configuration files like httpd.conf manually.

I still feel this needs more tuning from Oracle part to make it perfect. Especially when i have seen WebLogic and WebSphere.

Coming back to the Oracle 9iAS  I still get mails requesting help for implementing the File Upload through Web Forms on Mid tier (something from my archives for 2001-2003 while my stint in Nucleus Software )  Anyway I have kept my notes and binary copy of files I used at this (##########put files here ) place. People can download this and implement it Apart from it there were numerous troubleshooting that was needed for different patchsets Upgrading the oracle Installations and resolving the bugs that came along with it.

Ø Installation of 9i Application Server on NT and UNIX

Ø maintainance of 9i Application Servers

Ø Execution of forms through Listener servlet on 9i Application servers

Ø Implementation of Javabeans/ EJB on 9iAS

Ø File Upload using 9iApplication Server /D2k forms

Ø Font Upload utility on 9iApplication server

You might have come here cursing Oracle 9iAS You can bug me to get a second opinion on issues you are facing while working on Oracle Application servers. I will try to help unless I am really very busy.