Next Things add Keybase/use of Public Key/ Notes on react / Using Vue to upgrade functionality

5 Jan 2023 updated one page resume in here

10 Sept 2021 Adding Youtube Music Playlist

21 May 2021 Updated to use git and qa dev and prod versions as well

21 May 2021 Updated to use git and qa dev and prod versions as well

6 Feb 2021 Updated To Do List

7 Nov 2020 In resume page added Twitter link

3 Nov 2020 In resume page added GoodReads and Github link

3 Nov 2020 In credit and Inspiration added Sandeep Manudhane sir and Saduguru Jaggi Vasudeva

16 Jan 19 Updated one page PDFResume

7 Dec 17 updated flags translation in Whatsnew page and in Index page. More recent pic on homepage. Minor touchup in resume page

24 June 07 added LinkedIn profile connectivity in resume page View LinkedIn

27 may 07 added skype call My status option

25 Feb 07 Routine maintainance

3 Aug06 Added Counters (invisible ;) courtsey statcounter)

21 Jul 06 Added the Google translate functionality for webpages French English to French Chinese English to Chinese Japanese English to Japanese German English to German

15 Dec 05 Got married - (add Marriage link photographs)

19 Oct 05 - Updated Credits  page for Neil sir + added some more links in Brain Fodder + made LearningCurve and To Do as XHTML compliant

13 Oct 05  Added a no frills single page PDF Resume Thanks to Jeff for the idea of American one page resume

13 sept - < br >< / br > has different behavoir on IE and in Mozilla < br /> is better. Corrected this across my site

9- Sep 05 updated the site to have my website without the ADs and .. yes .. around 90% of valid Valid XHTML 1.0! pages.

26 Jul - Added a list of To Do before I die stuff  here

26- Jul Added a learning Curve to have a list of Nuggets of Wisdom. coming from anywhere.  can be technical as well as practical

See my weblog for the latest on what I'm thinking.

Here is the oldindex page. (in case you still miss it )

Credits Contains the places from wehre i have copied things ;->

11iE business Suite (in List of Projects)

Project Perl (Contains the info of my learning Perl )

ArtWork contains the info about the few artworks of mine that are also available on net. (Most of them are on paper and not scanned to digital.format )

a resume which can contain my .. art qualifications.

2 page resumes

an Resume page for online viewing