What do you want to do with your life.I want to visit France and live for some time ( more then 6 months ) in the Art Capital of the world -Paris.

I want to own a flat in Lokhandwala Mumbai.

I want to be a Multilingual TechnoFunctional Consultant Working as a bridge between Chinese Small time firms and Indian Big Time Corporates.

I want to retire at the age of 40.

(Does it sounds Ambitious, NaaaaH !!!!!! ) More about me here


Why do you write/document so much.    I write for myself.  It keeps me in sync with where I want to go and what I am doing to go there. It also serves as an excellent  reference for past experiences. I have a very short memory you see.  All RAM no Hard Disk.  ;-)

What was your education like I am a proud product of Devi Ahilya University.  It was in this university that I did my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering (S G S I T S ). In 2002 my alma Mater completed its Golden Jublee.We had the privilege of having the President of India Mr APJ ABul kalam Azad as a chief guest (Two of his excellent books are Ignited Minds and Wings of Fire. THose who do not know he was the chief architect behind making india a Nucleur Power not as a politician but as a Scientist- Man I am proud of having him with us )  After one year of job returned to do my Masters in Information systems.  (IIPS)  I must frankly admit that I was never a topper. Just managed to get .. average grades  all the   time.

What you do in your free time These days,  I just sleep.  (There used to be a time when I was sketching, wandering, watching the night sky , and playing flute. I still do all these things .. but in my sleep. ;-D)

    Your resume.
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