Neil Gogte
Some of my seniors were taught Oracle Apps by him around year 2001. At that time people in Hyd were not aware of Apps.  Afterwards  he got busy with Leapstone and was not into teaching anymore. Most people know only this much about him.
( Even now some people think 11i is next version of database 8i 9i 10g and after that  11i. However 11i is in fact a seperate line of product to facilitate E Business instead of just a  technology component like Oracle Database versions like 8i 9i and 10g).

Well ..back to Neil Sir, at  present (present as in  Oct 2005).  He is two timing himself in setting up a Center  for LeapStone and taking  classes for Java. Core + Advanced+ J2EE.  His makeshift site for Genesis is here.

Eric S Raymond
You should read his book Cathedral and the Bazaar. His site is here.  He has a clear conscience and a in the face way of saying things.  Wish to meet him sometime in Person
. Last updated Date for webpages is one of the smart ideas that I have also used in my website(using JS it picks the timestamp of the file to show in HTML page ). Check out his link for using Fedora on IBM X40laptop . Hopefully I will get my X40 soon thanks to IBM-Lenovo deal to bring cost down.     Never met him  but  actively looking forward to meet him.

Keith Swartz  
The style of writing in website is very natural and friendly. I have had the privilege of working with him. A stickler for following standards. He is the one who introduced me to the w3c community and standards. Which I try my best to follow. He is an MIT graduate.
     Have had the privilege of working with him for 2 years (2003-2005) in Oracle

Roger Sanders
He prepared the Techstack Perl Base modules using  OOPS way of doing Perl  (I think this is not easy esp as it is so easy to fall back to procedural based programming in perl).     I can not say he liked me a lot.  But what the heck, I know he is a great guy  and I still use his Perl Modules.     Have had the privilege of working with him for 2 years (2003-2005) in Oracle

Jerry (Ravi Jerome Barnes )
A 7 footer, best mix of management and technology. Be it board room disscussions , Server Rooms (networks ), Table tennis this guy has been a champ all along.
    Have had the privilege of working with him for 2 years  (2001-2003) in Nucleus Software Exports.
At present he  is in Japan married to a beautiful Girl

Sanjay Kumar
He is the one who introduced me to the technology as a tool instead of some piece of code that does fancy things. My initial years, I was wandering in technology forest holding his hand.

    Regarded for his immense knowlegde for latest technologies. We worked on Oracle 9i Application server and Forms Listener Servlet that was recently introduced some time in 2001.
People who work under him for a long time, usaually develop a liking towards technology (Oracle in general)
    He is what I would say is a Diamond cutter(India can boast of Diamond cutters ;) ). If you can not stand his razor sharp training He will simply throw you back to the heap of pebbles, he picked you from.

    Have had the privilege of working with him for 2 years in Nucleus Software Exports