Project Java (Year 2001 -present)Ahem ! 20 Years yes

Java Is not what it was 4 years back..  when I was  doing my MMS from IIPS. It has had developed a lot .. and is today a language of choice.

     I really liked one particular feature of Java as Mentioned in Ed Romans book on Mastering EJBs *****  OOPS brings concept of software components. Components that solve a particular kind of problem can be purchased and can be combined with other components to solve large problems.  A little technically it means

Java supports interface/implementation seperation at syntactic level (class keyword and interface keyword). We can vary a programs proprietery logic without changing any clients code. At compile time .. implementation is not needed only an interface is needed. Adding to it the cross platform language It becomes an ideal choice to base your components on.

Project Perl (Year 2004 -present)

Sojourn to understand one of the most helpful language. The best part (or may be worst ) about Perl is that it Does something all the time.. as if it is having a mind of its own. You just need to know this beast well before you can tame it. Once you have done this It has served as an excellent workhorse which gets 99% of the things done in a jiffy.

Oracle 11i E-Business suite (Year 2003-present )

Oracle 11i is a collection of around 220 software products ranging from age old business enabling softwares as Financials and Manufacturing to businesses as new as Online Student System. All these 220 + products run using technologies that have become standard. All these technologies provide a stage for these 220 products to deliver the latest and greatest to oracle customers. We in Application Technology Group update\support\maintain this techstack

Brain Fodder

Well this is not really a project .. but an ongoing effort to keep all the relevent links. That have been doing rounds since quite some time. and I have found them to be of immense value. It might also just contain the Bookmarks that I have

Oracle 9iApplication Server (Year 2002-2003)

Oracle had released a new version of Application server Just around the time when I joined Nucleus Software Exports New Delhi. My most important work was to implement the Forms Listener Servlet Architecture on Oracle 9i Application server when it was still in its nascent stage.

Liips (Letter of IIPS) (Around year 2001)

While doing my MMS from IIPS myself with sniors  started a newsletter for the Institute. Next year we started an e -edition of this newsletter  with my juniors.   All money was generated through advertisements and no help was taken from the Institute.Sheer fun working together with people from as different streams ( Advertising, Tourism, Commerce, Biotechnology). I had also designed the official mascot for our newletter which we called  as Liiper. I still draw my inspiration from my this episode of life. There were life  lessons which can never be learned in a class.