Oracle 11i E Business suite (Year 2003-present)

Oracle Applications is a collection of financial, manufacturing, supply chain, human resource, and sales and marketing applications designed to operate virtually every aspect of large companies. The key buzzwords to describe this type of business are ERP (for Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (for Customer Relationship Management).

Technically, these are distinct types of software, but Oracle has recently combined both offerings into one package — a nice selling point, given you want your salespeople to know what you have in inventory before promising it to customers. The latest release of the suite has over 220 individual products, such as Accounts Payable, Order Management, Supply Chain Planning, Internet Procurement, Call Center, Payroll, and so on. It's the industry's second largest-selling application suite, rivaled only by our chief competitor SAP AG in ERP.

What did we do
 While my stint in Oracle IDC (2003-2005 ) I was a  part of a team that is responsible for coordinating the breadth of technologies used by the Oracle Applications suite of ERP and CRM products. installation and customization of Applications, Pre-release testing of all Applications major and interim releases.

The technology that makes this suite work is all Oracle from top to bottom. We call this the "technology stack", as it consists of many layers, each of which carries dependencies on the layer beneath it. For example, the foundation of our product is the Oracle 9i Server, our relational database. On top of this, we build forms (using Oracle Forms) for querying and entering data from end users, and reports (using Oracle Reports) for displaying present and historical data. These forms and reports are delivered to the user via a web server (Oracle 10g Application Server).

We also integrate with large data warehouses (Oracle Data Warehouse...sensing a pattern yet?) for analyzing huge amounts of historical data. The list of components to this "stack" goes on — there are literally dozens of different technologies we collect to put everything together, most from within Oracle, but some from third-party companies every once in a while.

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