Java Ranch (Java Interview Questions/ Answered Thanks to Debashish Chakrabarty Peter Haan and others )


Research IBM


FAQs (Can look for RFCs , Net Acronyms, Nettiquettes )

Manuals (JavaScript , CSS , XML etc )

DOS Scripting WIndows Scripting

History of Internet    This is a pretty good place to dig the past and the future trends

RMAN    Good Disscussion
       Dizwell forum (Recommeded by Tom Kyte)
       Scripts from Oreilly -Really good stuff on Scripts
       rlwrap (Using sqlplus in Unix with easy editing + Reverse search functionality )       
       A day in life of Apps Consultant -Really good stuff on Apps Technical Blogs

RittMans Blog -On Oracle Discoverer

Danny Goodman - The Javascript guy

List of BigAdmin Scripts from SUN - BigAdminScripts from sun

Clusters from Oracle - Oracle RAC

DLLs in Linux - A Story about SO -Shared Objects

Is this all javascript magic!!! - Gmail Agent APIs

       WebSite for Linux Information - Linux Information (a good headstart)
       LDAP Most resources for LDAP  


Mandarin Tools

English Chinese Dictionary

Zhongwen (Chinese help)

Dictionary (English-English )

French News paper (Le Monde )

Daily lesson on French at About

Wikipedia (Open content Encyclopedia)
      Chinese Books in US - (a good Compilation of Chinese learning books)

Free Project work

SourceForge has once of the best collection of free projects to work on. The tools provided to complete the project are very competent and the exposure is also very real

Time and Date

Art World

ArtAnonymous -One of the most active Group of Painters and Artists (requires Membership)
      The Painters Keys - Excellent Art Quotes and Biweekly Letter from Robert Genn
       Art - Figurative Paintings of times of Titial and Rembrandt

Some Uncooked ideas - Got this from HBR on creative thinking
Navin Kabras Page on Indian songs - Excellent Collection of Lyrics for HIndi Songs lovers.
Raj Comics - Comics -Yummy
FAQs on running -Really good stuff on running
Christopher Alexander's Nature of Order - Nature of Order is his seminal work on Architectural Patterns
The business Reports - Look for the IBM- Lenovo deal reports and the Oracle -PS merger reports here
Hyd Bloggers Site - (a good headstart for Blogging in Hyderabad)