Pic of me
Hazaron Kwahishen Aisi

      Ki harkhwahish pe dam nikle.. 

 Bahut nikle .. mere armaan

     lekin phirbhi kam nikle..

                  - Galib

(This loosely means   a lot of heart felt wishes ..and that wishes  never exhaust themselves)
Well there are a few that are in my heart

# Add articles in this website that can help people. ( highly inspired by PG) # Get SCJP 1.4 Certified
# Get OCP Certified
# Got first certification from AWS - Jan 2021. # Get a wiki or redshift installed on my website to help my clients. - May 2021 # Visit Paris Stay there for about 6 months
# Get Married (Done: Got married to Preeti She is just a wonderful life partner)
# Do Engineering - Done
# Scuba Diving. 
# Reduce weight to 80 Kgs  
# .. and stay at that
# Develop a habit to wake up early at 5 AM at least 5 days a weekj
# Study at  world class Business School.
# Create value and wealth for my employers and myself and earn their faith
# Make friends with a person who only speaks Chinese Mandarin as a language (Yes I am learning Chinese)
# Become an Old man.
# ....and earn my age.
# Have a Pony tail haircut. (or no haircut for 4 months I should say)
# Donate 1 lakh Rs  for a social cause.
# Own a flat in lokhandwala Mumbai.   
# Have an enviable Library .. of best books   -(I spend at least 4000 Rs per year on it since past 8 years,  before that my father used to  buy for me )
# .. and read most of those  at least twice (In all my journeys .. I # keep at least 2 books along )
# Make a compilation of what all books are there .. ( I want to know how many I have in every topic)
# Give a presentation to a crowd of 40,000
# Act in a play - Done
# Sing a French Song - Done (Chanson le'Auvergnea by George Branssens (Also did best performance and represented my state at national level in Alliance Francaise )