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Very Simple .. and Logical.. but sometimes we just forget.

*) if you upload your windows batch files in a CVS or RCS in UNix file system and bring em back  you will find the batch files do not behave ..properly.
You might want to check the file format in the vi editor if you are arcing in the file in UNix
If you are on windows..  you can open the batch file in Textpad and save it using PC file format insteafd of Unix file format and the batch file should work fine.

*)  In Java if you are writing main you are still not using the OOPS ..

*) Extreme programming habits means a fixed number of hours every day for programming.

*) Keeping Fit and taking care of your eyes and hands and mind is important.

*) Those who are intelligent are more problematic then those who are not the brightest.

*) Exception handling is not like Constructor Chaining.
*) Documentation is Good

*) Every year at least one new technology.    (This year is consolidation year of old technologies java/Oracle/CMM/Cash@Will Functional )
*)   When you only have Hammer, The whole world looks like a nail to you.

With Nucleus (2001-2003) I was supposed to be a  Contact Point  for  Oracle 9iAS Listener Servlet issues. Me and Sanjay Sir had done  most of the R n D for the WebForms.  I was pretty much doing it quite often on our Solaris 5.8  Servers.

     One day, Venkat sir  asked me to install Cash@Will <give link over here ### >on his laptop   immediatly my reaction was .. But your laptop does not have sufficent RAM for Oracle 9iAS and Oracle DB (in 2001 we were not having enogh RAM in laptops for both).

   It dawned on  me  a little later  that he wanted to give a functionality demo to client .. and that would have done with Oracle Database and Forms RunTime on the Laptop.   Pretty simple .. stuff .. but sometimes we  just get too much occupied in complex stuff that we do not see simple requirements