My BAD decisions while I was in Liips.

Date September 1, 2001

1) Starting a website.

My vision was diversify into e business. Unfortunately, what Liips did was not diversification but mutation. Liips did made itself into a website.. but failed at keeping its existing business. There was a complete transformation of Liips from print media to electronic media where Liips had little customers. Liips lost its existing supporters, which it gained through print editions.

Bottom line: Bring out print edition as it has a physical existence.

2) Weduniya-

By not integrating Liips website with a big name like Weduniya. Liips lost a big opportunity to ensure its survival.

Bottom line: Get associated with some big website ASAP.( and get paid for it too)

3)**While doing Liips there was a heavy conflict of work related issues.

Those in technical front poked their nose into marketing.

( If you have a good idea.. about some others work. then keep silent and let him or her do their work. If you cant keep silent then be prepared to implement the idea you have proposed.)

Bottom line is "Mind your own business"

4) Administration

Little effort was made to take administration in sync with Liips. At that moment it seem like.. the administration is with MCA there were also some ego problems in the minds of Liips chieftains. Sooner or later administration can and wouold give problems.

Bottom line: Keep the administration at least informed about what you are doing.( remember the problems I faced with AK 47)

5) Waited too log for funds from institute authorities

could have timely picked up money from the market.!0,000 bucks in 15 days by effort of Amit, Anurag and many others is not a mean task.

Bottom line: Do not wait for anybody just keep your goal focused and if there is any delay because of anyone then bypass him/her.

6)**Articles will be what we get from our readers.

A very wrong decision. our site contained 80% or articles from readers and 20% from our own effort.. about IIPS.

It became increasingly tough to create interest and administer the editorial part. Note that Editorial is the final thing our readers get to see about Liips. Editorial should have been the soul of or news letter and we managed it least efficiently. Even the idea that whatever articles people give we publish was good .. but there should be more incentives for people to come to the site and be informed about IIPS.

A newsletter contains articles from its readers( around 20%) .. but it contains many other informative things too (80% )

which are prepared by the editorial staff. In our case the ratio was just the reverse.

Bottom line: Articles from readers 20% articles out of our own effort. 80% ( no copy paste from internet in this 80%)


More Learnings

Do not meddle in the work of other people at same post but different responsibility as you are.

People want to enjoy their life and they might not share your way of enjoying life. so give them sufficient rope esp to people below. There should be frequent celebrations for small small victories this keeps the team together. and the excitement flowing.

Credibility is very very important.