Project Perl (Year 2004-Present)

Perl has fascinated me because of the freedom it offers. You want to make procedural oriented code. you can do that. If you want to Stick to OOPS you can do that..(Although it is not advisable, but If you feel like switching between the two.. No Probs it will still work(). My personal liking is towards the OOPS approach.

The best part of Perl is the CPAN. People write code and make it available to the CPAN. Those who need it download it and get their work done.

In our team we have to develop our own custom modules to ease the development process for the various scripts that were earlier made different for the Windows and the UNIX env. (Think of the nightmare associated with the maintainance of the changes in the scripts). Thanks to perl now we will be having one set of scripts to maintain.

Apart from the usual coding for which we get paid. There is a lot of other activities also that are going on with perl. to an extent that people write Poems in Perl (From Wikipedia ::Perl Poetry is the practice of writing poems that can actually be compiled by perl. This practice is fairly unique to Perl, due to the large number of regular English words used in the language)


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